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Learn Spanish online through one-on-one lessons

Virtual classes with professional, experienced Colombian tutors.

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Colombian and Latin American culture

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Our professional, experienced Colombian tutors can help you with:

Academic Spanish

Check your university or school work as well as prepare for your midterm final, and ELE tests.

Conversation Lessons

Practice your Spanish through speaking activities based on diverse topics and levels with any of our tutors.

Personalized Bookings

Book your lessons according to your availability and take them from your lessons wherever you are.

All Spanish Levels

Start your learning journey at any level,
from beginner to advanced.


Learn about music, literature, food, geography, festivals, society, common expressions and customs from Colombia and Latin America

Spanish for Business

Expand your work horizons and speak Spanish with your colleagues and clients.

Feel confident with our professional, experienced Colombian tutors.

Our lesson packs

You can purchase any of these lesson packs and spend it with any tutor.

Remember that forming learning habits is very important to communicate better and become fluent sooner.

This is Cospanish

Most common FAQs

What is Cospanish?

Cospanish is a Spanish learning site created by two Colombian language teachers with the aim of promoting and facilitating Colombian, Latin American culture and Spanish learning in English speakers who want or need to learn this language. In Cospanish, Colombian, experienced tutors can help you learn this language meaningfully through one-on-one online lessons by developing plans that suit your specific needs and goals. More than grammar and vocabulary, with Cospanish you can learn common expressions, traditions, and culture from Colombia and Latin America in a contextualized way so you can travel confidently around this region.

How can I book a lesson with any of the Cospanish tutors?

Lessons in Cospanish are 55-minute long and booking them is really simple. All you have to do is to check out our tutors, choose one of them, purchase a lesson pack, 1, 5 or 10 lessons, and book a time slot from the tutor’s schedule. Besides, there is something even better! You can spend your lesson pack with different teachers. You can meet them all. Then, you get a Zoom link so you can have the lesson with your tutor on the day and at the time you booked it.

How can I study Spanish on my own in between my lessons in Cospanish?

This is something you should not worry about because our tutors provide you with different materials, resources, language immersion strategies and self-study techniques since apart from being native speakers, they all are experts in the languages teaching and communicative approaches, thanks to their professional and academic background. Depending on your Spanish level, they can recommend what to do in order to practice and constantly improve your Spanish.

How long will it take me to speak Spanish confidently?

It depends on how often you have the lessons with our tutors and the amount of time you dedicate studying and practicing by yourself. It doesn't matter where or how you study, learning something new requires commitment and perseverance along with instruction. So, if you spend at least one hour a day using the language you have learned so far with the help of our tutors, soon you will understand and hold basic conversations in Spanish by providing information about yourself, your routine, what you like to do, and more. Then, you will feel more confident to go beyond and start speaking about more complex aspects. Your level will improve day after day and when you least expect it, you will be able to structure and express your ideas in Spanish in a coherent way.

How can I improve my Spanish level with the Cospanish tutors?

Our tutors’ focus is you and only you. That is why, they can adapt or design a structured study plan based on your specific needs and learning style. They can guide you throughout your Spanish acquisition process and let you know how you are doing by means of constant meaningful feedback. Besides, they know what type of extra work you should do in order to expand your vocabulary and speak Spanish confidently. So, feel free to ask questions, participate, go over a previous topic so it is completely clear, or whatever you need. Take into account that our tutors work at your own pace.

How many lessons a week should I have with the Cospanish tutors?

Keep in mind that creating learning habits is one of the keys to succeed in acquiring the language. Study and practice Spanish by yourself at least one hour every day. Have regular lessons with your tutors, two or three times a week would be perfect to build meaningful communicative skills and immerse yourself in Spanish. Consider that the more time you practice, the faster you will be speaking and understanding the language.

What sort of activities do Cospanish tutors do during their lessons?

Our tutors are prepared to help you with any task or goal you have. If you need help with your academic work or a test preparation, they are here to guide you. If you need to learn, practice or improve your Spanish for business, they can focus on the type of contents you should know in order that you can communicate effectively in formal or informal work situations. If all you need is to learn or perfect your Spanish, they can provide you with diverse types of contextualized activities based on your level such as conversations, readings, writing exercises, audios, and more. They are prepared to implement the correct strategies that work best for you.

What aspects of the Spanish language can I learn with the Cospanish tutors?

Our tutors can teach you from basic to advanced topics. You can continuously practice the four communicative skills, learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and common expressions as our teachers focus on your specific goals. Besides, they incorporate social and cultural aspects from Colombia and other Latin American countries so your learning experience is more contextualized and helpful. Feel confident speaking Spanish not only with our tutors, but also with other native speakers.

What are the advantages of studying Spanish in Cospanish?

You should consider that learning a language is an ongoing process that takes time and patience. In Cospanish we want to make this process more enjoyable and meaningful for you. That is why, our personalized lessons give you not only the opportunity to learn from wherever you are and at a time that works for you, but also a learning environment to practice and improve your Spanish at your own pace since our tutors can design learning plans that suit your specific needs. All you have to do is to let us know why you need to learn Spanish. Besides, you can spend your lesson packs with any of our tutors so you can be exposed to different Spanish speakers, teaching styles and methodologies, different topics and life experiences in order to acquire this language in a more natural way. But, don’t worry. Our tutors know exactly where you are in your process since they are always in constant communication with each other apart from following and adapting a general content program designed by Cospanish. That is to say, you can successfully complete your personalized Spanish program with one or more of our tutors.

Can Cospanish help me if I need a Spanish language certificate?

If you need to take any of the ELE tests (DELE - SIELE - CELA - CELU - ECL - ILCE – TELC) and you don’t know how they work or what to expect about them, you can rely on our tutors’ academic background since they have experience in this type of standardized language tests. So, they can provide you with a clear understanding and specific strategies to succeed in any of these tests because they have tools and resources to guide you throughout the different test formats. A lot of practice, a wide range of exercises, and mock tests are just some examples of how you can prepare with our tutors. Once your preparation is done, you can attend an authorized language institution to take your ELE test with confidence.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Suddenly, things happen, plans change, and conflicts occur. Here is when you miss a lesson. However, you should let your tutor know in advance that you will not make it to the lesson. You can cancel or reschedule a lesson not later than 6 hours prior to the lesson time. Otherwise, since there will not be money refunds, the cost of the lesson will be fully charged unless you and the tutor come to an agreement. Considering that lessons in Cospanish are 55 minutes long, you should also keep in mind that if you do not join the lesson within the first 15 minutes after it has started, the tutor will not replace that time and the lesson will be shorter. If you exceed this time, the tutor will leave the meeting. Keep in mind that ongoing, constant communication with your tutors make things easier for both you and them.

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